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Back in 1878, Wilhelm Mast first opened his doors as a wine and vinegar company in Wolfenbüttel, Germany. But it was his son, Curt Mast, who took the company in a very different direction and created the dark, bold herbal liqueur known as Jägermeister. 


By 1934, the Jägermeister recipe was perfected and has remained the same for more than 80 years, being kept a secret except to a select few. The recipe includes 56 botanicals of herbs, roots, fruits, and spices sourced from all over the world. But, before this herbal liqueur reaches your glass, Jägermeister undergoes 383 quality checks from start to finish. 


The process: Jägermeister takes its 56 ingredients from all over the world and tests them for quality. Next, Jägermeister creates its distinct macerates. Once ready, the macerates are combined and filtered to make the base material, that is then stored in 445 mighty oak barrels to rest for an entire year. Then it’s one more round of filtering and it is mixed with alcohol, caramel, sugar, and water. Finally, you have the one and only- Jägermeister.


The best way to enjoy Jägermeister is in the form of an ice-cold shot, preferably chilled to -18°C. But if you're more of a cocktail fan, try a JägeRye or Berlin Mule. 

Tasting Notes


Jägermeister consists of 5 distinct notes: Sweet, Bitter, Fruity/Citrus, Spicy/Earthy and Herbs/Aromatic. Spices, such as star anise, cinnamon, clove and cardamom make up the initial nose. Initial tasting notes of anise, fennel, coffee, orange, burnt sugar and cola should come to the forefront. The finish will be a combination of complex bitter and herbaceous, dry, long and not overly sweet.

Wolfenbüttel, Germany.